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Can you be water for me?

I woke up this morning with a mishmash of dreams and a tangle of conversations in my head. Too many late nights and a boundary-less work from home schedule had confused me. Phew. I needed to unload. And then I realized that the National Poetry Writing Month began about a week ago. I know I … Continue reading Can you be water for me?

S(W)FH…Selling(Working) from Home

Scenario : Delhi shuts down due to COVID-19   “The salesmen are not willing to venture out due to the panic.” “Madam, the police are cracking down on those who are violating the lockdown.” Lockdown. FYI, this lockdown is not due to some curfew resulting from Sec 144. I mean, Section 144 had been imposed … Continue reading S(W)FH…Selling(Working) from Home

Dream Peddlers

Dear Seller of Fates,   You read the cards of my life and sold me fate. Of course, magic and unrealism were your more popular wares but your primary product was fate.   And dreams. You peddled dreams packaged in hopes and expectations that grew in direct proportion to my clashes with reality. In a … Continue reading Dream Peddlers


Image Source : Sometimes, I look at the light and wonder what if it was not light but dark. Pitch dark. What if white was not white but black. Jet black. If lies were not lies but truths. If joys were not joys but sorrows. In such a world and such a universe, would your … Continue reading Absence


Lovers come with roses. Roses and sweet words.  But you? You came to me with thorns. Thorns and wars. Thorns that you eased out of my bleeding surfaces. The surfaces of my walls which were breached by sweet words and sweeter actions by those masquerading as lovers. You came to me with war. A war … Continue reading Roses


I can tell you how I learnt to tie a shoelace. Shoelaces are tricky. Tricky little snips of fabric that untie themselves just to make you bend really low. So that you stoop. Low enough to make a mistake. In that sense, shoelaces are like you and me. Like people who flit in and out … Continue reading Shoelaces

Lanka Diaries

So, this trip happened in the midst of my work schedule. Like I am packing four hours prior to my flight, taking calls after checking-in to the airport, setting out-of-office mails, settling disputes and pacifying my boss. And then bam, the Delhi-to-Chennai flight takes me out of the work mode. I was wearing proper winterwear, … Continue reading Lanka Diaries

Calypso’s Curse

He saw life looking at him with beady eyes and turned away.  He knew that life wore a monocle and knew how to lock its target on him.  He knew that it would take him by the horns and play with his deepest fears.  He knew how judgmental it was and realized that he didn’t … Continue reading Calypso’s Curse


  She is not a round peg in a square hole. She is a shapeless mass looking for a fixture that would fit her or change as she does with each passing moment. Her thoughts are bombs that can blast you out of your comfort zone. Her words are poisoned barbs that can sting you … Continue reading She


Kaafiyana – Get it here Brown (a poem) published in Kaafiyana as one of the winners of the Delhi Poetry Festival

Women and Shiz Like That

(Published on International Women’s Day on Women’s Web) Pink streamers welcome me, red roses decorate my desk, I get ushered in like a princess. No, dear, it’s not my birthday. It’s Women’s Day and I belong to the lucky 1 percent of the female population that gets treated like a queen. So, as a part of … Continue reading Women and Shiz Like That

Smart and Smarter

Received Special Mention on the #GetFitWithFlipkart Contest #TheFitIndiaMovement #GettingFitWithFlipkart “Alexa! How do I look?” “Alexa! What do you think love is?” “Alexa! Play ‘Thunderclouds’…” “Alexa! Paint me like one of your French girls…” I have started using my Amazon Echo voice as not just a virtual assistant, but also a companion who listens to me … Continue reading Smart and Smarter