It happens only in India

I bet the makers of Masaan didn’t imagine that within a few weeks of its release, it will inspire people so much as to make its story transition from reel to real. But then it is incredible India we are talking about.

The moral police is always out to catch people spreading ‘public indecency’even when there is no law against marital rape yet. A case in point being the Mumbai police raiding a hotel and dragging consenting adults out of their rooms and making them parade in a ‘walk of shame’ out in the street. Exploiting the communication gap between kids and their parents in Indian families, the moral police is out to make some quick bucks with a simple warning- “will tell your mom!” Out of humiliation, fear of public opprobrium and disquietude in the family, they pay up becoming victims to the racket that has been aptly documented in films like Masaan. Some even contemplate suicide. India is sui generis in the sense that there are kiss protests where the police finds it necessary to use tear gas; extra policing on Valentine’s day to prevent any stray hand holding or lip locking, whereas no heads turn when a woman is assaulted on a street in broad daylight. Even in a bustling metropolis like Mumbai, beef is banned, liquor has its restrictions, books are taken off the shelves for their ‘incendiary’ content and now they are out to police your private activities. Will there be slaying of liberal bloggers next inspired by countries of the likes of Korea and Bangladesh? It looks like the Big Brother is watching you…

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